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In an era of (white, moneyed, thin, able-bodied) ultra-feminine celebrity lesbians and same-sex “respectability,” where are the fabulous images of butches? Through live music, a fashion show, a panel, projected photographs, and a dance party, Superbutch looks at the many past meanings of butch—including the history of working-class butch-femme culture in Toronto—and (re)presents contemporary female masculinities, Two-Spirit women, trans* masculinities, and bois as desirable, powerful, and complex.

Starting with a free panel, Superbutch is a conversation about what it means to identify—or not—as butch. What does butch mean in this time and place? Who does it work for, and who does it alienate? How do we understand and address its racialized, classed, cis, and colonial dimensions? Rather than thinking of it as a fixed, singular category, what can butch be?

Superbutch is serious and playful, one small show and larger than life. Against Dinah Thorpe’s hot voice and cool beats, local superqueeroes will walk the runway in clothes for queers made by local and international designers. After the fashion show, the audience will have its chance to strut on the dance floor and in a photo booth.

And if you wake up wanting more… come to a pop-up shop on Sunday, May 15th, to see and buy fashions by the show’s designers. The pop-up runs from 1-5pm at Supermarket (268 Augusta Ave, in Kensington Market).

Co-presented with Inside Out: Toronto LGBT Film Festival and Shameless Magazine.

Superbutch is part of the 31st annual Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts, set to take place from May 1 – 14, 2016 at various GTA locations. For more information, visit www.mayworks.ca.


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