OCCUPATION/PREOCCUPATION: Owner and founder of alljackedup and the Ties to Love™ Campaign

YOUR STYLE IN TWO WORDS: Grown-up skaterboi

YOUR HISTORY WITH/RELATIONSHIP WITH “BUTCH”: I don’t relate or ID to the term “butch” in any way (and never have).

Crafting Community Ties.

alljackedup is a trans-owned bow tie and accessory company. It is also the exclusive partner of the Ties to Love™ Campaign. Understanding the appalling discrimination and struggles the transgender community faced, Jack Jackson wanted to use their alljackedup brand to raise awareness. The Campaign encourages people to wear their bow ties and post selfies to the facebook group page offering messages of support and sharing their own stories with the hope of increasing visibility and awareness of the diverse and unique lives of the transgender community. To date the Campaign has received support from the Mayor of Toronto, the Chief of Police, Canadian band Walk off the Earth along side numerous high profile UK and Canadian trans activists.