PRONOUN/PRONOUNS: They/He/She (prefer agender)

OCCUPATION/PREOCCUPATION: Dreamer/designer/producer


YOUR HISTORY WITH/RELATIONSHIP WITH “BUTCH”: Having the heart and sensitivity of a butch was not an easy burden to bear. In my youth, it immediately called out how different I was from the rest of the “girls.” I was a tomboy through and through and I woke up every morning wishing I could wake up as a boy. I wished I was never born and I wished I could be reborn. In high school I lived a life where I fell into the spectrum that was expected of me, though my behavior and attitude matched closer to my heart, the mirror reflected an exterior that fell into what society deemed acceptable. In college, I had the freedom to finally search for who I was and who I wanted to be. Year after year, the reflection in the mirror evolved until I felt as comfortable as I could while still facing the obstacles that prevented me from being truly “myself”. Being “butch” in my early 20s meant I dated feminine women and dressed like a man, was “gentlemenly” and carried myself in a way that once again fit the traditional binary of “masculine” and “feminine.”

It wasn’t until the past few years, after I was able to finally be in the body I felt most comfortable with, breastless and period-free, that I was truly free enough to embrace my inner femininity and realize that I didn’t particularly believe in the dynamic of butch and femme. I realized that being butch was not about what others saw of me but what I saw in myself. The truth was that my heart was actually much more feminine than I thought. Its actually the perfect blend of part brutal honesty, mixed with practicality and a dab of vulnerability… and it makes me simply, just NiK. There is no need for labels in the vision of my world. We are all individuals who should all be chivalrous, kind and generous, thoughtful and considerate. We should all hold doors for one another and help lift one another – let’s live in a world where being a good human is no longer limited by gender or its stereotypes.

Nik Kacy
Luxury Gender-Neutral Footwear.

NiK Kacy is a fashion line inspired by the fashion needs of both its founder and the larger LGBTQ community. NiK Kacy, who identifies as gender-fluid, queer and trans, designed his first collection of unisex, gender-neutral shoes in order to provide a solution for the on-going problem of individuals unable to purchase men’s styled shoes due to limitations in sizing set by the shoe industry based on gender.  His first collection, Fortune, consists of 5 classically masculine looking styles, now modernized with colorful contrasts and re-proportioned to fit those who identify in whatever spirit they deem fit.

His desire of gender equality extends further by expanding his label to include an upcoming unisex collection, featuring high-heel styled shoes in the same European sizes ranging from 34-47 (US women’s 3.5 to men’s 14). NiK successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of his Fortune line and hopes to develop a truly gender-neutral footwear and fashion collection so that all people can express their authentic selves without being boxed in a gender binary.