Sun aka Francesca Nocera


OCCUPATION/PREOCCUPATION: Fashion designer, dj, actor, musician, visual artist, construction worker. In a band called above top secret.

YOUR STYLE IN TWO WORDS: Comfortable cool

YOUR HISTORY WITH/RELATIONSHIP WITH “BUTCH”: Well, I feel like a boy and a girl under the umbrella of womyn.

Sun Sun
Custom Androgynous Comfortable Clothing for anyone.
Made in Toronto.
High fashion street wear.

Queer Fashion Week, Oakland – California, New York Fashion Week – Verge Showcase,  Montreal Fashion Week, Boston Fashion Week, Bettie Brown Market – Seattle, AfroPunk – Brooklyn, New York / Just to name a few shows SUN SUN has been in.

Sun Sun, a self described androgynous designer, doesn’t play with an intersection of male and female as the dictionary says, but elevates a subject of gender to a non-binary yet entirely partial bliss, with all the appropriate comfort, style, and confidence necessary. Featuring entirely unique, one-off pieces, which are handmade in Toronto, in all sizes (…) (from: Chaos Theory Fashion).

instagram: @sunsun503