OCCUPATION/PREOCCUPATION: Opera singing actor/artist/designer/creator


YOUR HISTORY WITH/RELATIONSHIP WITH “BUTCH”: It’s been a swinging pendulum for the last six years or so, but I think I’ve finally found a good balance of my suppressed inner childhood tomboy, my athletic and practical self of 2016, and being able to feel sexy and comfortable in “masculine” clothing of the everyday. This doesn’t count, however, for all the occasions where I have to wear pounds of foundation and eyeshadow, or corsets and stilettos when I perform and play characters on stage, but at least I now know that when I take it all off at the end of a day, that it doesn’t define who I am or make me who I ought to be. I can look in the mirror and see all of me, bare skin, imperfectly perfect me, and feel comfortable that if I so choose to, I can play with style and aesthetic through my hair, body, clothes, accessories, and even make-up at times, in an authentic way that honours me.

The more I do this, the more I feel strong and proud to push the gender spectrum, challenging the notions we have today of what butch encompasses. I like that butch and butch-style is constantly evolving and is starting to be embraced more and more, especially in Toronto. I have finally given myself the permission to be flexible, malleable and movable while still knowing that it’s me, that it’s all me.